The Power of Targeted Advertising

I begin today with a quote:

“A given argument, presented in a certain form of thought and expression, will
strike responsively in the minds of a given number, among the class of people aimed at,
in each thousand.
“If that percent be high, it means large profit to the Advertiser — large returns.”                                                                                  John E. Kennedy, 1905

Dear Reader,

If that quote doesn’t strike a chord with you, then you are not it’s intended target market.


If you understand what I just wrote to you, then you are.

It can’t be any more clear.

If the marketing is not targeted to it’s intended recipient, if you haven’t thought long and hard about who your true customers are, then you are throwing good money after bad on all your advertising and marketing.

I don’t think I can say it any clearer.

Since this quote is from a series of articles published in the year 1905 in “Judicious Marketing” magazine written by the, up to then, unheard of copywriter John E. Kennedy. This advice still stands today.

To get the kind of results from marketing you know your business is capable of, your first level of understanding has to be not everyone is going to want what you are offering.

How Targeted Marketing Can Get Results You Can Take To The Bank!

Among direct response copywriters and marketers, this is not a mystery. Your ad has to target your ideal prospect. And in order to do that, you have to first know who that prospect is. Right?

There are many ways to classify your target market:

  1. by gender.
  2. by Age.
  3. by income level.
  4. by hobbies. (cars, needle-point, fishing, hunting, cross-fit, etc…)
  5. by business category.
  6. by health needs.
  7. by fitness level.
  8. by (fill in the blank)

The list is endless. I’m sure you can come up with several, or more, yourself.

The point is: if your advertising isn’t targeted to a specific audience, an audience that specifically wants and needs your thing, then it is wasted advertising.

They knew it all the way back in 1905. Why don’t business owners get it now.

It isn’t because there is a lack of availability for lists or demographic materials. These resources are endless. You can get information on any combination of factors you like.

It isn’t because there aren’t plenty of available copywriters and marketers ready and willing to offer the services to get you up to speed. That list may be even longer.

I believe it’s because most business owners not using direct response advertising are more interested in image, than sales. Because direct response copywriting and marketing is “salesmanship-in-print”.

And if your not selling with your advertising, what are you doing? Hoping to build image? That doesn’t equate with sales.

John Kennedy again: “Many Advertisers, however, seem satisfied to spend their money on mere Opinions about advertising when they might have invested it on Evidence about Advertising.”

“These are the advertisers whose business must die before they can be convinced that “General Publicity” (Merely “Keeping-the-Name-before-the-People”) is wrong and “Salesmanship-in-Print” right.”

Again, this is in the year 1905, and the same holds as true today as it ever did. Because, human nature has not changed in 10,000 years and won’t be changing anytime soon as far as I can tell.

Your business is no different than any other business when it comes to advertising, marketing, sales, prospecting…

It survives on sales and only sales. If your advertising is not selling, then what is it doing?

I’ll tell you: it’s wasting good money on a bad message.

That’s enough rambling thoughts for me today.

Thanks for reading.


Andrew Jensen

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