On this page you’ll find samples of my writing. My style and just a few of the niches I’ve written for.

To be sure, this is not an extensive list of sales letters, email copy, etc. Just a small taste to get your appetite wet. If you have something specific you need written, and think because you don’t see a sample just that would be just like your product, then you’d be better served by contacting me and asking about my services.

I’ve written for many markets. But if I haven’t written for yours, it’s likely I’ve written for one very similar. Besides, a great copywriter will do deep research on any product subject and find the best information needed to sell said product or service.

If for some reason we can’t come to a deal that suits us both, then it’s a good bet I can direct you to someone who can cover your needs.

Thank you,

Andrew Jensen
Copywriter/ Marketing Consultant
Direct Response Copywriting