Everything Old Is New Again… The Simple Diet Anyone Can Remember.

Dear Reader,

Going to make this short and sweet.

I’ve made a new move in my journey to a “new’ healthy me.

It’s an old idea about eating and exercise.

Hence, the headline above, “Everything Old Is New Again.”

What, you may be asking is this new move? Is it something I can do too?

Of course, it is something anyone can do who is interested in improving, in a dramatic way, their health and the health of the ones they love.

Move a little everyday,
Eat all natural unprocessed foods,
And don’t eat anything else.

Of course, there is more to it than that. You have to be motivated to be healthy.

You have to do something. This is a plan for doers, not wishers.

You can’t dream about it and hope something happens. You can’t manifest great health.

There is action required.

The good news: it doesn’t require hours a day in the gym. It also doesn’t require starving yourself.

What it does require is limiting yourself to a select list of foods known for eons to bring health and well-being to the ones who stick to the plan.

(I’d say I can give you a list of foods to avoid, but it’s much easier to remember the foods you can eat.)

What’s that? You say you have no will power when it comes to what you eat?

Well, I did say you can’t just hope and dream, you do actually have to take action.

That action involves sticking to a list. A list of foods that has been known, since at least 1850, to help anyone shed unwanted pounds and allow their body to find it’s natural balance.

The list?

Here it is…

  1. Meat. Such as fresh beef, lamb, pork, buffalo, etc… So long as it is fresh and not overcooked, it is on the list.
  2. Fish. Any kind of fish will most likely do, but Fresh Caught Wild Salmon has been touted for years to bring more of the good Omega’s that bring good health. No factory farmed fish is allowed on this plan.
  3. Foul. Preferably wild, but if you can’t get that, then it should be organic from a known source. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when buying fresh foul. What is foul? Chicken, Duck, Pheasant, any game bird that you can eat. My preference leans to wild duck. Yours may be different. But isn’t that the beauty of choice?

Green Leafy Vegetables. You name it, if it’s green and fresh, then you can eat it. The list is pretty long: Broccoli, asparagus, Brussel sprouts, Salads of all kinds, Swiss chard, etc…
One important thing though: If you’re making salad, please don’t cover it in store bought salad dressing. These things are a nightmare of processed vegetable oils and sugar. Best to make your own dressing with Olive Oil and Vinegar. Maybe throw in some Maille mustard to spice it up.

There you have it. The whole list.

If you don’t see something on that list, then it is not allowed.

Of course, you can use spices and other thins such as garlic and onions as you wish. And I’m sure there are some other things you could add.

But here is the most important thing: Never ruin your meals with sauces made with sugar, syrup of any kind, vegetable oils, breading, etc… which would negate any benefits derived from eating this way.

I’ve been eating this “Paleo” way going on 20 years. It seems to have gone mainstream these days.

And being a Type 1 Diabetic, it works perfect with my insulin and exercise regime.

So, any questions, send them to me via the contact form and I’ll answer all and any question you send me having to do with diet and exercise for optimal health.

Oh yes! I almost forgot the exercise part.

So what do I do for exercise?

I go to the gym maybe one day a week, sometimes two if my wife or daughter need me with them.

I do 15 minutes of heavy work in the area of 5 different exercises.

And I do them all very slow. (I always warm up with slow jogging/walking first. Max. 10 minutes.)

Tomorrow I’ll give you a complete run down of my fitness plan and strategy.

It’s much easier than you think and doesn’t leave you exhausted. Well, not for long anyway.

Keep it simple, eat right and you will have the body you’ve always dreamed of.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is and how soon you’ll see results, too!

More on the routine later.



P.S. If I haven’t already told you, I’m known to all my friends as the “healthy Type 1 Diabetic who actually takes care of himself.” Not to toot my own horn, but I believe there is a lot I can teach to other type 1’s about staying creating optimal health for themselves.

And if I can teach it to a bunch of Type 1 diabetics, with all their special needs and routines, your situation will be a piece of cake. Easier than doing push-aways at the dinner table.

Til next time.