Your USP. What is it and why it’s important.

“Putting the prospect front and center means answering his most obvious question as he encounters your ad: How will this benefit me in a superior way compared with every other product making pitches for my business?

“If you have a gifted product – one that fills the consumer’s wants better than other options – the answer will be much more persuasive than if you have only a gifted pen pouring out puffery about the prospect and his wants.”
-Gary Bencivenga

If you don’t have a USP for your business,
then what are you doing to differentiate yourself form your competition?

Dear Reader,

The above quote from world-class copywriter Gary Bencivenga is a brilliant way to imagine your USP.

It’s something unique to your product or service that separates you from the competition.

This is what’s important.


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