A view from “The Eye” of London

I want to start this post with a beautiful picture I took while in London a year and a half ago. 

It was that hot summer when it didn’t rain, (surprise, surprise) and we had nothing but sun. 

We (the family and I) had been walking around London and decided to take a ride on “The Eye.”

As it turns out, ” a good time was had by all” since the “Eye” is fully air-conditioned.

The Shard as viewed from “The Eye”. 

My family and I walked and walked and eventually returned to our hotel near Regents Park. The Langum is a fine hotel located on Regents Street just down the road from Regents Park.

One of the best, so I’m told. It was nothing to sneez at
and the room was finely detailed in the “high class”
London style.

I would recommend it to anyone who is looking
for something special while in London. 



P.S. This post is a test for me. I wanted to see how to insert pictures and hopefully word wrap around them.

Me thinks more work is needed.