What keeps your customers awake at night?

Dear Reader,

Mark was a good father and had a good job.

He brought home the bacon. So to speak.

But his nights were filled with worry and sleeplessness. He tossed and turned but it seemed he was destined to be a sleepy-headed insomniac.

As it turns out, his life was perfect in every way but one: His fear of the future.

What would happen to his family if something happened to him? Would they be able to cope? Had he made the right choices about insurance? Schools for his children? A safe enough car for his wife to transport her and the kids? Did they eat right and stay free of illness?

Even though he thought he knew what was going on, did he really?

The Key to Keeping, and Getting
More Customers Is Learning Just What
Keeps Them Awake At Night.

You see, if you take the time to see your customers as people just like you, full of fears, desires and wants, you’ll begin to know exactly how to satisfy their needs.

As described above, Mark was in need of some reassurance about his choices.

Imagine Mark receives a personalized letter in the mail, addressed to him.

He opens that letter and immediately reads a headline that goes to the core of exactly what’s bothering him. And offers a cure to his worries.

Do you think he will continue to read? Will he stay with that letter to find the answer he is searching for?

He will if you’ve spent the time getting to know Mark and his personal situation.

And you’ll be even more sure to have him as your next customer when you convince him that you can solve his problem. What ever it may be.

Take away his worry, his nervousness and his anguish, and you’ll have a customer for life.

With Direct Marketing and A Professionally Written Sales Letter
You’ll Be Able to Increase Your Customer Acquisition
And Retention,
To Make Maximum Money, in Minimal Time

Gary Halbert, the world famous copywriter/marketer, was known to say, “There is no problem in business that can’t be solved by a well-written sales letter.”

For more than 100-years, people have been using Direct Mail to get people to “Ask for the Order,” as Zig Ziglar would say.

Dan Kennedy is and has been known to say, “Use a three step approach and segment your lists to directly target each of your list demographics with the right Message to Market Match.” (Of course, I paraphrase here.)

In fact, in the advertising and marketing world, it seems that the proof is in the pudding.

More and more businesses are finding their older clientele prefer a direct sales letter. Searching through emails is too time consuming and impersonal.

Response rates are greater than using any of the new-fangled marketing you can find online. And you have a home or business address of a real person to contact. Physical in-hand, tactile experience.

The older 50 crowd, which is known to be the most financially influential, prefers a personal touch. Getting a letter in the mail, that addresses their deepest needs and concerns, will bring them to you.

No need for over doing it online. A world of wiz-bang and don’t-have-to-think-about-it for the younger crowd.

But for us oldies, (age not physical stature) we prefer it old fashioned and personal.

Put it in our hands and let us touch it.

You’ll be putting your best foot forward. And getting the customer.

If you know any “Marks” like in the short story above, or have a list full of them, send them the news they are waiting to hear. Show them you have their answers and you’ll be on the road to “Maximum money, in Minimum Time.”

Until tomorrow,





When Reason is Your Worst Enemy.

Dear Reader,

It’s been said that your worst enemies are your well meaning friends and family.

It could also be said that your worst enemies are well meaning business contacts. The ones that advise you to do what every one else is doing with their marketing.

You know, take out big ads in the the local newspaper and make sure it has a big picture and not too much writing. No one likes to read that stuff anyway, right?

Or you could pay big bucks for a TV spot in which you try to get “attention” for your product or service. Without ever asking the viewers to take action. (I think you call that “throwing money down a rat-hole”)

Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could just copy what the other people in your business are doing without ever checking to what their results are. (Jeez, that should put a few more zeros in your profit margin, don’t you think?)

A Better Way To Get More Customers and Prospects,
That Won’t Break the Bank And…
Give You Precise Measurements On The Results of
Your Ads.

Listen: What I’m talking about is direct response marketing.

You know, the kind of marketing that has been proven, time and again, to out do conventional marketing? And this has been going on for over 100 years.

It always asks the prospect or customer to take some specific action so you can them to the next level of the sale.

And not only does it out do your big ad agency style of marketing, but it does it in a way that shows you exactly how your money is being spent. AND, what part is bringing the biggest ROI.

That is… if you have an ROI at all.

(If you follow the best practices of Direct Mail Marketing as it’s been practiced since the beginning of the 20th Century, you will know in no uncertain terms, if what you’re doing is working.)

“Yeah, I’ve tried that before, and it didn’t work.”

So you say?

What exactly did you do and what exactly were the results?

If you tried it only once and then gave up, what did you expect?

This is not a one-and-done type marketing. There are so many variables that can be tested.

It could be you didn’t find the right avenue. Or it could be you were trying to contact the wrong kind of customer. Or maybe, you were marketing to the customers you wanted but with the wrong message!

Nine times out of ten, the business owner will send the wrong message to his market. Or find out on further investigation that his market is not who he thought it was.

Testing is the only way to find this out.

Deep Research and an Understanding
Of Your Customers Wants and Desires,
Is The Key to Bringing In A Flood of
New Customers

When you find that one or 100 things you’re prospects and customers want more than anything, you will crack the code of a constant stream of new business.

It will be the proverbial “light-bulb” going off when it begins to click.

But you can’t give up after one shot at glory.

Only by studying the data provided by Direct Response Marketing, can you make your marketing and advertising work for you. Don’t leave it to the “big-box” advertisers to tell you what you need.

Let your customers tell you that by how they respond to your ads.

Let “reason why” copywriting and marketing tell them why they should pick you.

It’s easier than you think.



P.S. contact me through my contact page here for an unbiased review of your marketing materials. It’s free and won’t cost you a thing. Send me a link, or a copy of what you have and I’ll run it through my 5 point investigation to give you a clear response to what you have and what could be improved on to make it jump.

What’s Your “Go-To” Fitness Routine?

Dear Reader,

It’s not unusual for me to get up every morning and go for a short, quick run.

By that, I mean, I take my dog with me, (or he takes me with him, go figure, right?) and go for a walk, sniff, sprint type of run. Maybe a mile or two.

And I literally do that every day. Rain or shine. Or in the case of Las Vegas, extreme wind or shine. (We do get rain every once in a while.)

Why do I do this every day?

I’m glad you asked.

It’s because it is the perfect start to my day and gets my blood up and going. Circulation in action. Oxygen to the old brain-cells, and such.

But, you may be asking, how do you do that in the hot sun of Las Vegas? And isn’t your dog one of those English Labs with thick skin?

Ha-ha, that is my secret weapon.

Here it is…

The Real Secret of My Success
And My Dogs Willingness to Go Out In The Las Vegas Sun,
I Get Up Every Morning At…

4 A.M.!

You know, “early to bed, early to rise…”

We’re out on the road normally by 4:30 and off to the races. (Kind of… he is a 10 year old Lab now and prefers a slow trot and lots of sniffing to actual running/sprinting.)

And there you have it. The real deal.

Get up early and get started as quickly as possible and you’ll have it done before you know it.

Clear the cobwebs, blow out the fluff, and let your body do it’s thing.

I know, I know, I hear you. “Not everybody can do that! You live in Las Vegas, the land of perpetual sun and dry.”

But stick with me now, and I let you in a little secret.

We go no matter what. If it is pouring down, (rare I know, but it doesn’t stop us), if it’s the middle of winter and the wind is howling and it’s bloody freezing and dry, (cover up, or course), if it’s none of those things and the temp hasn’t dropped from the previous day.

So there you go, we don’t snow except on the rare occasion, but that still wouldn’t stop us.

It’s pure commitment and nothing else.

We don’t make excuses. We just, “Do it Baby!”

What Else Do I Do
To Stay In Such “Fabulous” Shape?

The rest of my weekly exercise routine consists of going to the gym once or twice.

At the gym, I’ve started a new gig.

Instead of the usual walk/sprint on the treadmill to warm up, I now do less treadmill and then straight to the weights.

My thing is to do 5 machine lifts for one set to exhaustion.

Something I recently learned from Dr. Doug McGuff. It’s not a new form of lifting, and I was aware of it years ago, but it is now new to me.

Here’s how it works…

The routine consists of 5 exercises. One pushing, one pulling down, one pushing up, one pulling as if rowing, and one pressing with legs.

Each exercise is started very, very slowly. In fact, you have to begin with a weight that you will only be able to move 5 to 7 times with each movement lasting approx. to a count of 8-10 seconds.

It is different for everybody who does it and depends on strength and longevity.

The beginning is at a snail’s pace and once the weight is moving, you don’t speed up or slow down until you can’t move the weight any longer.

It sounds easy, right?

Not by a long shot!!!

By the time your into your second or third rep, you’ll be breathing like an asthmatic gasping for his last breath.

The effort is like nothing I ever felt. Near the end of your effort you’ll begin to feel a sense of panic. As if you life depended on finishing this rep.

Or as if you defending your life from a Wild-bear attack. And you may just lose if you don’t do something, and soon.

According to Doug, what this does to your DNA is cause it to make adaptations for survival.

And it also builds muscle with less time but more concentrated effort.

Sound good to you?

The Ideal Workout For Those With Limited Time to Spare!

Yes, if this sounds like the thing for those of us with little time to devote to “working-out”, then you are on to something there.

This is one of the things I love about it.

I can get a weeks worth of weight training done in less than 15-minutes!

Absolute truth.

If you have any questions about this, contact me.

I love to hear from other people seeking time saving ideas and ways to make personal improvements that don’t distract you from the bigger picture of success.

Talk to you later,


P.S. If you like this little snippet of information I’ve provided, feel free to post it to your website or blog. But please give me the nod and add a link back to my site. Thanks in advance for reading and sharing.