Why one and done is a sure way to fail at your marketing.

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When marketing your business to new or existing clients, sending only one mailing or email out for a campaign is a sure way to waste your marketing dollars.

Here’s why: When you market your service or product, one of the 2 parts of the marketing time-line should be “frequency.”

As in Dan Kennedy’s recommendation of persistence of correspondence:


1. Recency – When you last sent out your message.

2. Frequency –  How often you send out your message.

Say you’re trying to attract people to a seminar. You can’t send out last minute messages about your seminar that coming up in a few weeks without having already sent them a sales letter months before. Preferably at least 6 months if not a full year prior.

I mean, how can you expect anyone to show up to your event, especially if they have to travel to another city, without months of planning, booking travel and lodging, not to mention budgeting?

Any business worth it’s salt will have plans well into the future. And this takes time and effort.

If you expect them to plan for your event, you should, at the very least, put a massive amount of effort into attracting their attention, letting them know why they need to be there, and then providing constant reminders of what they can expect and add an incentive that can’t be ignored.

So your initial sales message should allow your prospects ample time to plan to be at your event.

The follow up can consist of sending them a reminder every month (or more if made subtle) with incentive, to produce a substance-full game plan.

You’ll find this also works with any product or service you are trying to sell to potential clients and customers locally.

A master planned system that produces like clock-work.  

With a system of attack, you can map out your game with a well thought out series of letters and email to attract and keep the attention of your target prospect.

And the most trackable and accountable method is direct response. It’s been proven time and again that direct response marketing is the most profitable way to acquire and maintain a buying customer base.

It works by keeping your name and business in front of your present and future customers and at top of their consciousness.

By doing this in a systematic way on a planned frequency basis, you stay in your customers mind and at the top of their list as the “go to” place to get what they want.

This is something that works online as well in bricks-and-mortar businesses.

From the most simple commodity business to the most sophisticated medical or specialty market.

You can’t get any more specific with a well chosen list filled with your most desired, ideal customer.

This is the essence of recency/frequency marketing and targeting your business to only those who would be most likely to buy.

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