Why a Low-Carb Diet is NOT for the couch potato crowd.

Dear Reader,

After following a low-carb diet for going on 21 years now, you’d think I have a few things to tell you about. Right?

Well, my time spent on this diet, has been the best thing I could have done. And now you can benefit from everything I’ve learned, without having to crush the learning curve.

The Life Event That Took Me
From “Normal” Human Being to
To Diabetic Marvel, Almost Overnight!

Now, why, you might ask, did you go on this type of diet when, even way back then, there were so many naysayers, and conformity was the rule? (I’ve hinted at it in the Sub-head above. More about that in a minute.)

I did feel a bit of an outsider, even alienated, but being a natural contrarian, I pushed ahead.

You see, every time I tried eating like everyone else, within 15 minutes, I felt horrible.

So I’d go back on the low-carb diet and feel fantastic again. Just as I had felt when I’d first adapted to it.

I should tell you right now, my ultimate goal is optimal health. The Paleo Diet has left me looking and feeling better than I have ever in my life.

In fact, I’m in better shape than I was in my 20’s when I used to lift weights.

From Fit To Fabulous And Beyond

This is all about doing for your body what it needs to be sexy, fit and fine.

My average body fat percentage hangs around the 7% mark.

This is not a goal of mine, just the natural result of eating low carb, and sticking to it.

Do I feel low energy on this type of diet?

Not on your life. In fact, I seem to have endless energy for a 56 year old.

And added benefit is: I rarely feel that deep-hunger I felt as a young man when I would over eat and feel bloated afterwards.

The proper amount of meat and fat that I consume is the amount it takes to feel satisfied.

Unlike eating an omnivorous diet, I don’t feel stuffed when finished. But now feel full and satisfied for hours after.

As one example of what I eat most days… My breakfast.

Now, I usually eat around 6am. A breakfast of eggs and bacon keeps me feeling satisfied well past noon. Then I’ll eat around 1pm.

Even then, I’m not ravenous or feeling weak. Only on rare occasions will I get that, “I’ve just got to eat something” feeling.

And since I’ve been sticking to it, I never get the feeling of needing a “cheat day” or some such other escape.

That’s a confused issue anyway.

Cheating is a way of kidding yourself into believing that your being deprived in some way or another.

As if your so outside the normal range of human activity, sometimes you just have to act like everyone else.

But in the case of a food addiction, this will lead you right back to that food craving that put you where you are. And it will create cravings that will destroy all your good work.

A friend used to say to me, “Andrew, now that you’ve had a good workout, don’t go and ruin it by eating a bunch of junk.”

And there I’ll leave you to ponder those words of wisdom.



Copywriter/Marketing Consultant to the awake and living.