Who else needs a Freelance Marketing Consultant/Copywriter to put their business on AutoPilot?

Dear Reader,

The above question should get you thinking. Thinking about exploding your lead generation and following up with overwhelming sales.

If your business is mired in a thick sludge of complacency… and you have that nagging feeling you may need some outside help… then the list below might help you to brake out of your hazy thinking when it comes to getting your business to “wake up!”

Are you:

1. Someone with a business that is stuck in a rut and can’t get out?
Even the best of businesses go through hard times now and again. But solutions are easy to come by when you have the knowledge and ability to put that knowledge to it’s best use.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of getting started. Or, knowing where to start.

It’s not always easy, and often times a fresh set of eyes are all that’s needed.

A well versed Marketing Consultant/Copywriter can be the difference between floundering on the shoals of no sales and swimming with the big schools of buyers.

2. An online marketer/retailer who is looking for an increase in ROI?
When you take a look at the online numbers, you can easily be discouraged at what you see.

And it may be you’re just stuck in a rut.

If you don’t do something to get out of this rut today, then, when will you?

3. A person with a marketing problem in search of a solution?
Marketing is not for the faint of heart or the distracted mind. If you’re going to do the marketing for your business, then you have to pay attention and not let all the distractions of your business get you down.

Fortunately, you can hire an outside marketing specialist to do the job if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Or, you can consult with someone in the know to get new and fresh ideas. Even if the new ideas are old concepts its often the oldies but goodies that get the job done. With a twist of modern thinking.

4. A small-business owner looking to get more customers and keep them longer?
There’s no secret to getting customers: Offer them something they desire and create a compelling case why you’re the best choice to provide it.

But, once you find your customers and sell them what they crave, do you follow up on the sale? Or do you drop them like a hot potato and say, “Next”?

What I’m asking is: Does your marketing end with that first sale?

If so, you have a lot of missed opportunities piling up in your losses account.

You see,  it’s just the beginning of the relationship. Like a marriage or romance, you have to keep the magic going with continuous offers and reasons to keep coming back for more.

A neglected customer is an unforgiving one. A follow up thank you or an offer for future deals is easy to do and can smooth the way to increased sales and a fat bank account.

5. A medium sized business owner who hasn’t got time to do the marketing and doesn’t know where to start?

As a business owner, it is your job to attract customers to buy your product. If you’re not keeping old customers and continually bringing in a trove of new customers, you’re just treading water.

And if you want your business to keep on growing, it has to be grown with more and more sales. Right?

Hence, more customers who buy more often.

The marketing of your business is a serious business in and of itself. It can’t be left to your daughter or nephew who took a writing class in college and “really enjoys working with graphics.”

Do you see yourself in any of the simple questions above?

If so, then you should pick up the phone and call me today for your very own personal marketing/copywriting consultation.

I can be reached by phone or email. The important information is available on my about page linked at the top of this page.

I look forward to talking to you and discussing your needs and marketing projects.


Andrew Jensen
Henderson, NV
Marketing Consultant/Copywriter