+6 Objections That Will Always Come Up When You’re Trying To Sell…Anything.

And what you have to do to make sure you don’t fail.

Dear Reader,

If you sell anything in the marketplace, whether goods, services or information, then you have to be sure you always answer these 6 questions every time you send out any marketing material.

If you don’t, then you’ve made it easy for your competition to eat your lunch. Every day, easier and easier.

So, what are these 6 questions and why are they so important?

Let me tell it to you this way:

  1. It costs too much. Of course it does. And if it didn’t, why would you want it?
    In reality, things cost about as much as anyone will be willing to pay for it.
    Of course there is a limit or bare minimum you should be willing to accept, but no upper limit. If you can make the case strong enough.
    You’re job is to paint such a picture that the price becomes a non-issue.
  2. Why do I need it?
    This again, is up to you to present your product or service as above all the rest. There is a virtual plethora of businesses offering just about anything you want under the sun. You better have a good answer, well thought out and stated, why the future customer you’re sending this message to needs it. If not, you’re wasting your time on this business and might be better off doing something else.
  3. Why is yours better than your competitors.
    This is where a well researched sales letter can tell that story with aplomb. The point is to put your thing, or widget, so far above your potential competitors that you become the only logical choice. If you can’t do this, then maybe it’s time to seek the help of a professional copywriter and get them to help you differentiate you from “all the others.”
  4. I want it, but not now… maybe later.
    Have you done the job of making it “irresistible?” Is it presented so the prospect has found out about you just at the moment of least resistance? Did you send your message to a crowd of hungry buyers, or did you just grab the first thing available and throw your money away?
    If you aren’t taking the time to find your perfect customer, client or patient, then once again, you have flunked the first grade of marketing. Know who you’re ideal customer is before writing that ad, sales letter, or marketing piece.
    If you don’t do this, you’re just throwing good money after bad. That will not do if you hope to remain in business for longer than next week.
  5. Suppose something goes wrong. Can I trust your company to take care of the problem?
    I don’t know about you, but as I age, this is one of the most important points that comes into my mind every time I spend money on a mid to high-ticket item. I’m sick and tired of getting the brush off if something goes wrong.
    What have you done to make the prospect feel that everything is under control, and if something does go wrong, you will have nothing to worry about?
    In fact, this should be top of mind when you write that next ad, set up your next appointment, or take that next phone call to sell your product. Nothing else will matter if your customers don’t trust you to do what you’ve promised.
    Which brings me to number…
  6. Why should I trust or believe you at all?
    I mean, really. Why should they trust you at all?
    Have you got a long list of testimonials from someone just like them? Are you easy to find online in top reviews or can they call the BBB and get a stellar review from them?
    When was the last time you contacted one of your customers and asked them, by phone or in person, how everything is going and whether there is something you could do better, now or in the future, to keep them as your preferred customer, client or patient?

    Some things to think about, and then act on, the next time you plan on getting more of what keeps the money coming in. And it’s about time, if you aren’t already doing it, to send out that next carefully written sales, stick or follow up letter and check the pulse of your customers, clients and patients.

You may be surprised what you find out when you take the time to ask.

And remember to always, always, always ask these questions when writing your sales materials, post cards, or placing a newspaper or online ad. It is that important.

Until next time, warmest regards for your continued success,


When Reason is Your Worst Enemy.

Dear Reader,

It’s been said that your worst enemies are your well meaning friends and family.

It could also be said that your worst enemies are well meaning business associates that advise you to do what every one else is doing when it comes to marketing.

You know, take out big ads in the the local newspaper and make sure it has a big picture and not too much writing. No one likes to read that stuff anyway, right?

Or you could pay big bucks for a TV spot in which you try to get “attention” for your product or service. Without ever asking the watcher to take any action. (I thing you call that “throwing money down a rat-hole”)

Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could just copy what the other people in your business are doing without ever checking to what their results are. (Jeez, that should put a few more zeros in your profit margin, don’t you think?)

A Better Way To Get More Customers and Prospects,
That Won’t Break the Bank And…
Give You Precise Measurements About How
Your Ads Are Working… Or Not!

Listen: What I’m talking about is direct response marketing.

You know, the kind of marketing that has been proven, time and time again, to out do conventional marketing for over 100 years.

It always asks the prospect or customer to take some specific action to be moved to the next step of making the sale.

And not only does it out do your standard big ad agency marketing style of throwing as much money as you can at the wall and seeing what sticks, but it does it in such a way to show you exactly how your money is being spent and what part is bringing the biggest ROI.

That is, if you have an ROI at all.

(If you follow the best practices of Direct Mail Marketing as it’s been practiced since the beginning of the 20th Century, you will know in no uncertain terms, soon enough, if what you’re doing is working.)

“Yeah, I’ve tried that before, and it didn’t work.”

So you say?

What exactly did you do and what exactly were the results?

If you tried it only once and then gave up, what did you expect?

This is not a one-and-done type marketing. There are so many variables that can be tested.

It could be you didn’t find the right avenue. Or it could be you were trying to contact the wrong kind of customer. Or maybe, you were marketing to the customers you wanted but with the wrong message!

Nine times out of ten, the business owner will send the wrong message to his market. Or find out on further investigation that his market is not who he thought it was.

Testing is the only way to find this out.

Deep Research and an Understanding
Of Your Customers Wants and Desires,
Is The Key to Bringing In A Flood of
New Customers

When you find that one or 100 things you’re prospects and customers want more than anything, you will crack the code of a constant stream of new business.

It will be the proverbial “light-bulb” going off when it begins to click.

But you can’t give up after one shot at glory.

Only by studying the data provided by Direct Response Marketing, can you make your marketing and advertising work for you. Don’t leave it to the “big-box” advertisers to tell you what you need.

Let your customers tell you that by how they respond to your ads.

Let “reason why” copywriting and marketing tell them why they should pick you.

It’s easier than you think.



P.S. contact me through my contact page here for an unbiased review of your marketing materials. It’s free and won’t cost you a thing. Send me a link, or a copy of what you have and I’ll run it through my 5 point investigation to give you a clear response to what you have and what could be improved on to make it jump.


I only asked him what his ROI was on his marketing… but his answer…

…was just one long-blank-stare… followed by some mumbling… and the real answer…

“How much is what?”
He wasn’t exactly sure what I was talking about.
Turns out… he wasn’t the only one.

Here’s the whole story:

“The other day, I asked one of the sales associates what his ROI is on his personal marketing. He looked at me, hesitated, gave me a blank stare and said, “Is there supposed to be one?”

Well… I almost lost my lunch.

What’s the point of marketing, if you don’t know the ROI, or at very least the projected ROI? (And maybe keeping track would be a good idea too. Right?)

If you don’t have any Return On Investment on your marketing, then what is the point?

This guy thought his personal marketing should just get him attention, not make him money. Or maybe get him a “like” or something.


Listen: What is the purpose of your marketing? What is your stated goal?

Is it to get attention so your prospects will like you, or do you think the purpose of marketing is to make money by offering your targeted audience a way to get what you are offering?

I prefer the latter to the former.

Really, if you’re going to spend money on marketing your service or product, what is the hoped for end result. Do you have any idea?

Direct Response Marketing is about
getting attention and making the sale. NOW!

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there when it comes to building your business.

And, there seems to be a lot of confusion about just what it is that gets customers and brings them to you.

I know I’ve said this before, but this is not rocket science. But it is “scientific”.

The methodology for marketing is scientific in method, but the message is to appeal to your targeted customers or clients, deepest desires.

It’s about what they want, not necessarily about what they need.

As the old saying goes, “You see, you seem to confusing needin’ with wantin'”

Market to wants and desires,
Needs come later.

If you’re message hits on the desires of your audience, your results will skyrocket.

If it’s all about you and how “great” you are, or “Number 1” or even how many years in business, you’re going to end up with a big yawn and the often thought but rarely said, “Next!”

What you’re customers or clients want to know is: What’s in it for me?

Always has been, and most likely, always will be.

So when you’re crafting your message, you must focus on the customer or client and how you’re  product will help them. How it will make them feel, satisfy and bring ease to their life.

This is the secret of great marketing and advertising.

Make the message all about the customer and you will see your responses come-in like a fast tide.

This is the essence of “world-class-marketing.”

Learning about your targeted audience and creating laser-focused sales messages that tickle their desire-bones.

If you’re looking for response-driven marketing, then contact me today.

A good copywriter can put the message in over-drive. It’s all about doing the proper research and then sitting and doing the work.

A great copywriter will provide you with a sales letter that will change the course of your business.

One other thing, if you’re having even the slightest doubt about your marketing materials, sometimes all you need is a fresh set of eyes to take a look and bring a new perspective.

Other times you need a wrecking crew to tear down what isn’t working and start from scratch.

I specialize in all the above: fresh eyes, new perspective and official wrecking crew to the confused and befuddled marketer.

Contact me today at this link here.

I look forward to getting to know you and learning how I can help you increase your bottom line and your ROI.


Andrew Jensen

How to double your customer and client base with current customer referrals.

Dear Reader,

It’s no mystery in the business world that getting a new customer is much harder than keeping existing ones.

What many business owners don’t seem to realize though, is that your current customers are the best way to increase your new customer base.

Think about this: If you could get each of your customers to
refer just one new customer, you would effectively double your business nearly

It’s the easiest and least used way for acquiring new customers under the sun. And yet, I bet, if you asked any random business owner how much he works the referral angle, you’d hear mostly crickets.

Why would any self-respecting business owner not use his
most valuable asset to help his business thrive in a down market such as ours?

Why most businesses don’t ask for referrals.

Let me put it this way: Fear in business is a one-way street.

If you’re fearful about asking for referrals, what else are you afraid of that may be causing you sleepless nights?

Boldness breeds bravery. And in business, you have to be bold and brave to weather the storms of the economy we’re living with. 

There are many ways to ask for referrals and I’m going to tell you about a few of them right now. 

Here is what you might want to do if you’re feeling even a little timid about your asking mechanism for increasing referrals and upsells as well. 


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Why all the good ideas in the world mean nothing until you take action.

“Action! Nothing happens until something moves.”
— Robert Ringer

Dear Reader,

That quote above from Robert Ringer, world famous author of the book of the same name as well as many others, is my offer to you today.

It encompasses so many things about how a business is either successful or not. In this short missive, I’ll try to put into words my take on this belief.

Simple things are best left that way.

If you think about it, it makes a boatload of sense. Simplicity is it’s own best friend.

Many business struggle with inaction at every turn.

Whether it be an entrepreneur whose afraid to pull the trigger on a new venture or the established business owner who has become entrenched in their own bad habits.

Without action, nothing will happen. But many bad things will.

Inaction is its own malware of sorts. It’s like a virus that’s invaded your everyday activities and rendered your day to day business actions ineffective.

Without a massive rocket thrust, you will be mired in inefficiency and blinding myopia for the foreseeable future. No amount of wishful thinking or “positive thinking” will fix what ales your business until you take that first  actionable step.

This is the key to get you moving back in the direction of making money and growing your business.


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Your USP. What is it and why it’s important.

“Putting the prospect front and center means answering his most obvious question as he encounters your ad: How will this benefit me in a superior way compared with every other product making pitches for my business?

“If you have a gifted product – one that fills the consumer’s wants better than other options – the answer will be much more persuasive than if you have only a gifted pen pouring out puffery about the prospect and his wants.”
-Gary Bencivenga

If you don’t have a USP for your business,
then what are you doing to differentiate yourself form your competition?

Dear Reader,

The above quote from world-class copywriter Gary Bencivenga is a brilliant way to imagine your USP.

It’s something unique to your product or service that separates you from the competition.

This is what’s important.


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Why a great back-up plan is always your best bet.

Dear Reader,

If you’ve ever had a bad nights sleep, then what you’re about to read should be very familiar to you.

Of course, no two ‘bad sleep’ experiences are exactly the same. But if you’ve had a restless night, what I’m about to share with you could save your life.

Here’s what happened…

First of all, I have to tell you: I’m a Type 1 diabetic. That means I have to inject insulin every day, all day, to stay alive for more than a few days. (My regimen is something to tell. That’s for later.)

So last night, I had been to the gym for a good 1 hour workout with weights and the stationary bike for warm-up.

Once back home, I took a shower and began to prepare dinner for my daughter and I. (We shared a rare steak, (Rib Eye) and some green beans.) Not a thrilling dinner, but healthy.

Things were going great. Dinner was yummy and I was feeling fantastic as I always do after a workout.

The food settled just fine and by 9 I was in bed reading to prepare for a good nights sleep.

By 9:30 I was fast asleep.

I awoke at 11:15 in a state of confusion and despair.

Stumbling out of bed I made my way to the bathroom where my Glucose Meter was resting.

Upon checking my glucose level I discovered the problem: Blood glucose of 35!

Not good.

Luckily I keep glucose tablets close by at all times.

I immediately chewed up 5, 4gram tablets and staggered back to bed. Within 15 minutes I was fast asleep again.

The time it took for all this to happen was on the measure of 17-18 minutes. But it seemed like an eternity.

How age has changed my reaction to these “bad” events.

The way I feel when my blood glucose is low like this is different now I’m older.

When I was first diagnosed, at the tender age of 33, the lows would put me in a cold sweat and I would shake as if I had just come out of a freezing-cold lake completely nude. You know, no clothes.

Now, after 18 years of living with diabetes, my lows are accompanied with confusion, depression and an overall feeling of dread. It’s a horrible feeling. Something I would wish on no one. Although, it sounds like someone’s description of getting off prescription anti-depressants.

Not fun at all.

So, following that, my night was filled with interruptions. I woke up every 2 hours after and checked my numbers to be sure. I’ve not slept that bad in a long time.

Now it’s morning and I’ll spend most of the day getting my head right. And rethinking my game plan about where I went wrong.

But you know what? This will most likely happen again. Even with the best of plans sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

It’s the same with marketing and copywriting.

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned and you need to have a back up plan.

My back-up plan for my condition of diabetes is to keep glucose tablets always at hand. And my plan for copywriting and marketing is to always test and check my premises.

What kind of a plan do you have?

If you need another opinion, or want something new and dynamic for your product or service, contact me for a FREE 30-minute consultation.

I look forward to talking with you soon.



Warning: What you are about to read will make you rethink your marketing!

Or, at least it should!
(It has to do with your marketing. Obviously.)

What I’m about to tell you may make you hate me.
But that’s OK. I’m getting used to it.
(You might even un-friend me. Ouch!)

You see, what I do is go into small to medium size businesses and straighten things out. I don’t do it to be rude, it’s just that I don’t like seeing good businesses doing bad marketing.

Marketing that is wasteful, misdirected and un-planned.

If you have this problem, and can’t see it, then what you’re about to read will be the best thing you’ve read all year. Maybe in your life.

Here’s the thing: you’re competition could be doing the same thing as you.

Advertising like everybody else because, gee, that’s just the way we all do it. “People aren’t very smart and they don’t care what we say, just if we have the lowest price.”

Wrong! Dead wrong!

What you doing is “me too” marketing. It doesn’t set you apart from anyone so you look plain and average. Just like everybody else.

You may even be thinking that it doesn’t matter what you do, because you’ve tried everything already. I mean, the advertising department at the local paper and TV Station couldn’t have lead you wrong, could they?

If you haven’t designed and implemented your own “outrageous” ads and made sure the delivery was the way you wanted it, you just might be an “advertising victim!”

As Dan Kennedy, the world famous marketing master has said many times over his 40 years of experience,“Nobody wants to hang around with an Advertising Victim.”

OK, he may not have said that, but he did, I think, come up with the term “Advertising Victim.”

If he didn’t, then he got it from somebody smart and I got it from him. So there.

But anyway, what I’m trying to get through your head is, you can’t let others’ steam roll you into marketing like everyone else. You’ve got to find a way to set yourself apart from all the other “look at me” and “me tooer’s” out there. If everyone is singing the same song, then they will all get the same bad results. And life will be much more boring for you and your customers. If you have any once the marketing has died a long slow death.

So, what does this all have to do with you and me and some kick-ass marketing?

I’ll tell you right now.

My name is Andrew Jensen.

I live in the great state of Nevada in the once fastest growing city in America: Henderson, NV.

What I am is a copywriter/marketing consultant for small to medium size businesses.

I write for any kind of business because great marketing works for all businesses when it is designed and implemented to your target market.

You see, the message you send to your current and future customers doesn’t matter if it doesn’t actually get to them.

So, you can have the best ad ever created, but if doesnt’ make it to it’s intended market, you won’t get the results you want.

It has to get to it’s intended audience and you have to know who you’re market is before you can get it to them.

How Targeted Direct Response Marketing Works for Every Business and Why You Need To Use It in Your Business For Maximum Returns With Minimum Waste.

I used to be a musician. Some would say, “once a musician, always a musician.” But really, that’s not what I’m trying to tell you right now. The point is…

I’ve traveled the world and experienced many different and wonderful things. Most in life will never get the opportunity to do the same thing.

But, in all this travel, (stick with me here…) I didn’t really understand what made business work.

For instance: Once when I was in Tunisia on a cruise ship, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the souk (the huge covered market in the middle of Tunis, the major port city). While there I had a “real” salesman go to work on me. He wanted to sell me a leather vest. Rock star style.

His way of selling was completely and effortlessly complimentary. I was interested. But the price he was asking was high for me. Way to high.

When I told him I didn’t have enough money for what he was asking, a friend offered to lend me the extra cash.

Why you need to make sure your customers and clients are focused on you
and only you.

This was all the guy needed to hear. He dove in head first and latched on to my friend for the rest of the money. I was, of course, pissed my “friend” opened her mouth at all. I was dealing and she interrupted.

I refused the offer of a loan and instead kept low balling him. Who knew where the vest came from or what kind of leather it was made. There was no name (obviously custom make) in it and I knew I would never be able to bring it back if it turned out to be crap.

In the end, we came to a good deal. I paid $60 for it in 1994 dollars… and still have it to this day. It turned out to be a good buy. Not a “Good Bye.”

The point of this whole story is, the guy was an aggressive and some would say, great sales man. I was just passing buy and he picked me out of the crowd and invited me in to his stall in a way that had me entering without any hesitation. I was totally taken in without knowing it yet.

He was talkative and focused. It took me a minute to come to my senses.

Of course, I am 6’ tall and at the time had long blonde hair. This combination of a Caucasian guy with long blonde hair in the middle of Tunis is a dead giveaway. Easy and obvious target… right?

As a business owner, you need to find those customers who are just as obvious but hidden. It’s all a matter of knowing where to look.

If you’re not looking through lists of names, with people that you have taken the time to single out as your ideal customer, and marketed directly to them with a message to match, then your throwing good money after bad.

That’s no way to run a successful business.

Your business is important. To you and to your customers/clients.

It deserves the attention to detail that great, results based marketing can give it.

Marketing directly to your customers, with personalized and targeted marketing, could open up a whole new and better way of growing your business.

You may find it will change how your customers see you and what they think. All to the positive.

On the other hand, if you’re already doing direct response marketing and it isn’t getting the results you hoped for, it may only need a fresh set of eyes to take a look.

I offer just that.

Why not send me a message through my contact form on this page. Tell me a bit about your business and what you are looking for with your marketing. There is no obligation, of course, and certainly no pressure.

We can schedule a FREE 30-minute phone consultation and take a look at what can be done. Together we just may discover a perfect solution for your marketing.



How Do You Measure The Success Or Lack Of In Your Marketing?

Dear Reader,

If your marketing is not doing what you had hoped it would, then what you are about to read will turn on your proverbial Light-Bulb!

You see, it’s not about image or flash or how many likes or dislikes you get. It’s about how many orders or inquiries you get and whether the inquiries, or leads, end up as sales. Full stop.

There is no other measure of your marketing than the MEASURABLE RESULTS!

If you can’t measure the results, how do you know what your marketing is achieving?

How do you know if what you are doing is working?

How do you know if the guy writing your copy, the media your advertising in and the market your marketing to is right?

Bottom line: You don’t.

How being able to measure your results makes all the difference in profitability versus failure.

Let me ask you a question: What engineering profession doesn’t measure their designs and test for success and reliability?

That’s right, I can’t think of one either.

And if you don’t know this, a well run marketing campaign is a well designed feat of engineering. It is measurable and repeatable. It shows you, down to the most minute detail, what has worked and what hasn’t.

If your playing guessing games with it, it will come back and bite you on the ass. Just like a snake in the tall grass of the marketplace. You won’t see it coming and it doesn’t care if you do because the market is unforgiving.

It’s unforgiving of foolish money and foolish beliefs.

If you don’t know who your marketing to and your sending out ads on a whim…. your profits will be unpredictable if at all.

There’s a better way and it’s called direct response marketing.

By utilizing direct response methods, which have been developed and refined over the last 100 or so years, you are drawing on a century of experience. Experience that has shown itself to be successful over and over and to make it’s more well practiced users very wealthy when done right.

Your business, no matter what it is, can profit from direct response.

Direct response is the most cost efficient, trackable and measurable. Bar none.

If you used it and haven’t gotten the results you desire, then either your desires where out of line or you were not ruthless enough in it’s implementation.

It’s not rocket science, but it does have a measure of “scientific” to it. As Claude Hopkins called it nearly a hundred years ago, “Scientific Advertising”.

He didn’t call it that on a whim. Unlike most marketing I see almost every day.

Your next campaign can have all the advantages and none of the dis-advantages of scientific advertising when you take the next step to contact me to discuss your next marketing plan.

You’ll find that I don’t pull punches when pointing what needs to be done. And done now with your ads and the proper planning to implement them.

It is, after all, not a mystery. Great results marketing can be used by any business with any product or service.

No one can make the claim that “this doesn’t work with my business. We’re different.”

Yes, you may be different, but your customers aren’t. Not when it comes to getting the message you want to convey delivered to them. And human nature hasn’t changed in the last 10,000 years and most likely wont’ be changing any time soon.

So, what are you waiting for?

Send me and email by clicking on the contact link at the top of the page so we can set up a time to discuss your marketing and it’s message. Usually an initial 30 minute session can give me a good idea of what we’re dealing with and what I can do for you.

Better yet, click on this link.

I’ll be talking to you soon.



How “Real” Are You About Your Business?

Dear Reader,

The Book of EST.

If you haven’t read this book, I recommend you get it and read it today.


Because if you own a business, and it’s not what you want it to be, then you most likely need to deal with that reality now. And how you experience reality will make or break your business.

Let me explain.

The book of EST is a recreation of the experience of a “self help” seminar that was offered in the “70’s and beyond”. It was created by a man named Werner Erhard.

The seminars were called EST. (Erhard Seminar Training.)

I’m not finished reading the book so what I’m telling you is just a glimpse of what I’ve experienced so far. And since I haven’t finished the book yet, this letter I’m writing will be followed up with more of my insights when I’m done. 

To say I’m beginning to see things “differently” would be an understatement. This is akin to the philosophical lessons I inadvertently absorbed from an old friend and “cosmic” saxophone player back in the 80’s. 

I was a musician at the time.

We would stay up after a gig and talk well into the early hours of the morning about the universe and its cause and effect nature. I didn’t realize it at the time but that was my “real education.” 


Shock Therapy for the Reality Challenged

How the seminars were conducted, according to the book: Seminar attendees were gathered in a room, such as a banquet room or convention center meeting room at a hotel. Before coming to the seminar, they all had to sign a “contract” explaining what the rules were and agree to abide by those rules.

When the seminar began, they were all reminded by a “trainer” who stood at the front of the room what the rules were and what they had agreed to. Also that they were expected to abide by those rules.

If they had any qualms about following the rules, they were instructed to get up, get their things and leave the room. No one was stopping them from leaving.

If they decided to stay, they had to follow the rules.

The rules were clearly restated to the attendees at the beginning in minute detail so that everything would be clear and no one could claim ignorance of the process. The reminder could go on for more than an hour leaving many to wonder why they had to hear again what they already agreed to.

One of the rules was that each attendee had agreed to stay in the room as long as the trainer required. There would be no bathroom breaks until the trainer allowed them. Also, no watches were allowed.

Of course, at the time, the mobile phone had not yet been invented. Nor the “smart” phone. 

Oh the horror!

But as it turns out, many didn’t really fully understand what they had agreed to. The rules were not to be taken lightly. They were to be followed to the tee. No one got away with breaking them.

If you were found to have broken one of the rules, you were commanded, by reason of the rules, in the trainers loud and commanding voice, to straighten out the error of your ways immediately. No questions were allowed.

Get ‘er done! Now!

You may think this sounds like a real mind F*&k. But in reality, it was a way for people to rid themselves of their illusions about who they were and the fact that their belief systems obviously didn’t work. Because if they did, they wouldn’t have been there.

Very Matrix like stuff, right?

As the attendees were reminded over and over, your beliefs are just that, your beliefs. Most have no basis in reality at all.

If you haven’t experienced what you believe in, then it is not real. Only experience is real. 

Why is this Important?

Now, no two people will experience the same thing in the same way. We are all of us, in the end, individuals with different beliefs, feelings and desires. Some of these will cross paths, but all in all, we all stand alone in the end.

So what does all this have to do with your business?

I’ll tell you.

Having a belief about your business that just isn’t true will kill your profitability.

If you aren’t aware of who your customers are and why they do business with you, you are only a short distance from the unemployment line.

So, what about you? Do you see your business as it is, or only as you believe it to be?

I can offer a fresh set of eyes to any business. Also, through my consulting and copywriting service, you will receive only well researched and planned out ways to make a big turn around in how many customers you get as well as keep.

Because, after all, if you can’t keep them coming back, you’re in for a lot of extra work getting new ones in the door.

It’s well know in the marketing biz that it’s easier to keep a customer than to get a new one. Turning and churning is for the amateur.

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We can set up a time for a Free 30-minute consultation. During this time I’ll ask you some focused and pertinent questions to find out if what I can do for you.

If you don’t hear from me right away, don’t worry. I’m rarely available at a moments notice.

But I can tell you one thing that is important to you: I’m not a big name in the business, but big names and longevity is no guarantee of success. The only thing that really matters is if what I offer works. And gets results.

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P.S. Next week I’ll be returning to The Book of EST and my take on it’s further lessons. Stay tuned.