When Reason is Your Worst Enemy.

Dear Reader,

It’s been said that your worst enemies are your well meaning friends and family.

It could also be said that your worst enemies are well meaning business associates that advise you to do what every one else is doing when it comes to marketing.

You know, take out big ads in the the local newspaper and make sure it has a big picture and not too much writing. No one likes to read that stuff anyway, right?

Or you could pay big bucks for a TV spot in which you try to get “attention” for your product or service. Without ever asking the watcher to take any action. (I thing you call that “throwing money down a rat-hole”)

Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could just copy what the other people in your business are doing without ever checking to what their results are. (Jeez, that should put a few more zeros in your profit margin, don’t you think?)

A Better Way To Get More Customers and Prospects,
That Won’t Break the Bank And…
Give You Precise Measurements About How
Your Ads Are Working… Or Not!

Listen: What I’m talking about is direct response marketing.

You know, the kind of marketing that has been proven, time and time again, to out do conventional marketing for over 100 years.

It always asks the prospect or customer to take some specific action to be moved to the next step of making the sale.

And not only does it out do your standard big ad agency marketing style of throwing as much money as you can at the wall and seeing what sticks, but it does it in such a way to show you exactly how your money is being spent and what part is bringing the biggest ROI.

That is, if you have an ROI at all.

(If you follow the best practices of Direct Mail Marketing as it’s been practiced since the beginning of the 20th Century, you will know in no uncertain terms, soon enough, if what you’re doing is working.)

“Yeah, I’ve tried that before, and it didn’t work.”

So you say?

What exactly did you do and what exactly were the results?

If you tried it only once and then gave up, what did you expect?

This is not a one-and-done type marketing. There are so many variables that can be tested.

It could be you didn’t find the right avenue. Or it could be you were trying to contact the wrong kind of customer. Or maybe, you were marketing to the customers you wanted but with the wrong message!

Nine times out of ten, the business owner will send the wrong message to his market. Or find out on further investigation that his market is not who he thought it was.

Testing is the only way to find this out.

Deep Research and an Understanding
Of Your Customers Wants and Desires,
Is The Key to Bringing In A Flood of
New Customers

When you find that one or 100 things you’re prospects and customers want more than anything, you will crack the code of a constant stream of new business.

It will be the proverbial “light-bulb” going off when it begins to click.

But you can’t give up after one shot at glory.

Only by studying the data provided by Direct Response Marketing, can you make your marketing and advertising work for you. Don’t leave it to the “big-box” advertisers to tell you what you need.

Let your customers tell you that by how they respond to your ads.

Let “reason why” copywriting and marketing tell them why they should pick you.

It’s easier than you think.



P.S. contact me through my contact page here for an unbiased review of your marketing materials. It’s free and won’t cost you a thing. Send me a link, or a copy of what you have and I’ll run it through my 5 point investigation to give you a clear response to what you have and what could be improved on to make it jump.


Why all the good ideas in the world mean nothing until you take action.

“Action! Nothing happens until something moves.”
— Robert Ringer

Dear Reader,

That quote above from Robert Ringer, world famous author of the book of the same name as well as many others, is my offer to you today.

It encompasses so many things about how a business is either successful or not. In this short missive, I’ll try to put into words my take on this belief.

Simple things are best left that way.

If you think about it, it makes a boatload of sense. Simplicity is it’s own best friend.

Many business struggle with inaction at every turn.

Whether it be an entrepreneur whose afraid to pull the trigger on a new venture or the established business owner who has become entrenched in their own bad habits.

Without action, nothing will happen. But many bad things will.

Inaction is its own malware of sorts. It’s like a virus that’s invaded your everyday activities and rendered your day to day business actions ineffective.

Without a massive rocket thrust, you will be mired in inefficiency and blinding myopia for the foreseeable future. No amount of wishful thinking or “positive thinking” will fix what ales your business until you take that first  actionable step.

This is the key to get you moving back in the direction of making money and growing your business.


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Warning: What you are about to read will make you rethink your marketing!

Or, at least it should!
(It has to do with your marketing. Obviously.)

What I’m about to tell you may make you hate me.
But that’s OK. I’m getting used to it.
(You might even un-friend me. Ouch!)

You see, what I do is go into small to medium size businesses and straighten things out. I don’t do it to be rude, it’s just that I don’t like seeing good businesses doing bad marketing.

Marketing that is wasteful, misdirected and un-planned.

If you have this problem, and can’t see it, then what you’re about to read will be the best thing you’ve read all year. Maybe in your life.

Here’s the thing: you’re competition could be doing the same thing as you.

Advertising like everybody else because, gee, that’s just the way we all do it. “People aren’t very smart and they don’t care what we say, just if we have the lowest price.”

Wrong! Dead wrong!

What you doing is “me too” marketing. It doesn’t set you apart from anyone so you look plain and average. Just like everybody else.

You may even be thinking that it doesn’t matter what you do, because you’ve tried everything already. I mean, the advertising department at the local paper and TV Station couldn’t have lead you wrong, could they?

If you haven’t designed and implemented your own “outrageous” ads and made sure the delivery was the way you wanted it, you just might be an “advertising victim!”

As Dan Kennedy, the world famous marketing master has said many times over his 40 years of experience,“Nobody wants to hang around with an Advertising Victim.”

OK, he may not have said that, but he did, I think, come up with the term “Advertising Victim.”

If he didn’t, then he got it from somebody smart and I got it from him. So there.

But anyway, what I’m trying to get through your head is, you can’t let others’ steam roll you into marketing like everyone else. You’ve got to find a way to set yourself apart from all the other “look at me” and “me tooer’s” out there. If everyone is singing the same song, then they will all get the same bad results. And life will be much more boring for you and your customers. If you have any once the marketing has died a long slow death.

So, what does this all have to do with you and me and some kick-ass marketing?

I’ll tell you right now.

My name is Andrew Jensen.

I live in the great state of Nevada in the once fastest growing city in America: Henderson, NV.

What I am is a copywriter/marketing consultant for small to medium size businesses.

I write for any kind of business because great marketing works for all businesses when it is designed and implemented to your target market.

You see, the message you send to your current and future customers doesn’t matter if it doesn’t actually get to them.

So, you can have the best ad ever created, but if doesnt’ make it to it’s intended market, you won’t get the results you want.

It has to get to it’s intended audience and you have to know who you’re market is before you can get it to them.

How Targeted Direct Response Marketing Works for Every Business and Why You Need To Use It in Your Business For Maximum Returns With Minimum Waste.

I used to be a musician. Some would say, “once a musician, always a musician.” But really, that’s not what I’m trying to tell you right now. The point is…

I’ve traveled the world and experienced many different and wonderful things. Most in life will never get the opportunity to do the same thing.

But, in all this travel, (stick with me here…) I didn’t really understand what made business work.

For instance: Once when I was in Tunisia on a cruise ship, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the souk (the huge covered market in the middle of Tunis, the major port city). While there I had a “real” salesman go to work on me. He wanted to sell me a leather vest. Rock star style.

His way of selling was completely and effortlessly complimentary. I was interested. But the price he was asking was high for me. Way to high.

When I told him I didn’t have enough money for what he was asking, a friend offered to lend me the extra cash.

Why you need to make sure your customers and clients are focused on you
and only you.

This was all the guy needed to hear. He dove in head first and latched on to my friend for the rest of the money. I was, of course, pissed my “friend” opened her mouth at all. I was dealing and she interrupted.

I refused the offer of a loan and instead kept low balling him. Who knew where the vest came from or what kind of leather it was made. There was no name (obviously custom make) in it and I knew I would never be able to bring it back if it turned out to be crap.

In the end, we came to a good deal. I paid $60 for it in 1994 dollars… and still have it to this day. It turned out to be a good buy. Not a “Good Bye.”

The point of this whole story is, the guy was an aggressive and some would say, great sales man. I was just passing buy and he picked me out of the crowd and invited me in to his stall in a way that had me entering without any hesitation. I was totally taken in without knowing it yet.

He was talkative and focused. It took me a minute to come to my senses.

Of course, I am 6’ tall and at the time had long blonde hair. This combination of a Caucasian guy with long blonde hair in the middle of Tunis is a dead giveaway. Easy and obvious target… right?

As a business owner, you need to find those customers who are just as obvious but hidden. It’s all a matter of knowing where to look.

If you’re not looking through lists of names, with people that you have taken the time to single out as your ideal customer, and marketed directly to them with a message to match, then your throwing good money after bad.

That’s no way to run a successful business.

Your business is important. To you and to your customers/clients.

It deserves the attention to detail that great, results based marketing can give it.

Marketing directly to your customers, with personalized and targeted marketing, could open up a whole new and better way of growing your business.

You may find it will change how your customers see you and what they think. All to the positive.

On the other hand, if you’re already doing direct response marketing and it isn’t getting the results you hoped for, it may only need a fresh set of eyes to take a look.

I offer just that.

Why not send me a message through my contact form on this page. Tell me a bit about your business and what you are looking for with your marketing. There is no obligation, of course, and certainly no pressure.

We can schedule a FREE 30-minute phone consultation and take a look at what can be done. Together we just may discover a perfect solution for your marketing.



Yeah, but what’s in it for me?

Dear Reader,

If you own a small business, and are having trouble getting more customers, or keeping the ones you have, then you may be suffering from “aren’t I just the greatest” syndrome.

You see, your customers won’t be yours much longer if all you do is talk about yourself all the time. Because it’s not “all about you.”

It’s all about them, and they want to know, “What are you going to do for me?”

The secret to an outrageously successful business.

If your advertising isn’t making an offer every time it goes out, then you’re wasting money. Throwing good money after bad.

What kind of offer?

I’m glad you asked.

How about what you can offer them that is better, easier, simpler, more cost efficient, higher quality, we do all the work so you don’t have to, etc…. just make it easy for them to give you the money. Don’t make them work to get what you have.

For instance, customer service.

I have, in just the last week, been confronted with some of the worst customer service on display.

Man, what does a guy have to do to get some service in here?

How long will I have to wait to pay you and get my stuff? I’m leaving. Is any body paying attention? Hello, management, are you seeing what is happening here?

Now, on the other hand, I had to go to the Apple store the other day, and the difference in customer service from you ordinary big box store was striking to say the least.

The customer service people there were bending over backward to help me. My new laptop was giving me trouble with logging in. It turned out to be something not well known, but known.

So what happened? Did I have to go through the usual tech support rigamarole? Did I have to reboot my laptop over and over while making silly changes to some strange part of the inner workings of the software on the machine? Was I treated like I was lucky to have someone help me and would I please leave and soon?

Not a chance.

The solution was given quickly and proficiently. I was informed this was a infrequent issue but it was known about so, what was going to happen was, I was going to get a BRAND NEW LAPTOP!!

Not a refurbished, or returned or repair or_________… you fill in the blank with your worst experience.

So what did I get?

It was a brand new MacBook Air with the latest revision of firmware.

I even got an upgrade with no additional cost. A huge, whopping grand over-the-top upgrade and no questions asked have a very nice day sir, response.

I was bowled over with all the attention. This is something truly amazing.

More importantly, I am sold. I am now a dedicated Mac guy. My future computer purchases will be Apple oriented.

You see, it doesn’t take much to get my business. It just takes a little attention to detail, a little show of concern, and some action. Put it all together and you’ve got me.

And do I love to buy things when the service is great. I will definitely be back to that store, in Town Square, to buy something in the future.

Now, if only everyone did business that way. With that kind of enthusiasm and friendliness.

You definitely wouldn’t see so many businesses going out of business.

What you would see is some serious competition. Competition that is healthy and drives the quality that this country used to be known for. Worldwide.

So, as my headline above asked, “What’s in it for me?” I’ll tell you what I want in it: offer me something I don’t have to bend over backward to get, and give it to me with great service, and you will have a customer for life.

That’s surely something to chew on, isn’t it?



What are you reading and what does it mean for you?

Dear Reader,

I like to read.

I read a lot.

It comes with the territory so it’s good that I enjoy reading.

What I don’t enjoy learning though, is how many Americans rarely if ever read books, aren’t interested in reading a book and have no plans of reading a book this year, or the next if they can help it.

I borrowed this chart from an article in the online version of The Atlantic written by Jordan Weissmann on January 21, 2014.

It may be out of date by a year, but trends just don’t change that fast, so I would bet it is still representative of what’s happening right now.

It doesn’t bode well for those of us who work as writers in whatever medium, but predictions of American abilities and tastes have been wrong before and may be again. Either way, you have to take note of this when designing your marketing.

Who will pay attention and read what you have to say?

The good thing about the reading public is, the people who make more money tend to also read more. This is something you need to know in order to market to the affluent among us. It’s where you’ll find the biggest returns on your marketing dollars.

Just for a perspective on my reading, I’m listing below what’s in my current reading corral.

1. No B.S. Ruthless Management of People & Profits Second Edition by Dan Kennedy. ( I’ve read everything he’s written and continue to re-read when I have time.)

2. The King Of Madison Avenue. David Ogilvy and The Making of Modern Advertising by Kenneth Roman. (A great book on the original “Mad Man”.)

3. The Law by Frederic Bastiat from the Ludwig von Mises Institute. (Historical writing on law and personal liberty. Great for perspective on where we are and where we came from to get here.)

4. The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. (Self explanatory, kind of.)

5. No B.S. Sales Success In The New Economy by Dan Kennedy. (You may see a trend developing here. I love the way Dan writes and it appeals to my mid-western sensibilities.)

6. Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy. (Actually re-reading again.)

7. Write Everything Right! by Denny Hatch. (I’m a constant student of copywriting and marketing, in case you couldn’t tell.)

Not to mention the few books I have going that are sitting on my nightstand. Everything from Ray Bradbury tales to Stephen Kings book on creative writing. Also, I’m slowly cracking Murray Rothbard’s Man, Economy and State. Quite the serious book.

Whatever it is, you should be reading as well to keep your mind sharp and your business on track.

How does reading keep you on track?

More on that in tomorrows post.

Here’s to bigger responses through smarter marketing.





If Your Confused About Marketing Your Business, Then What You’re About To Read Could Be The Best Information You Get All Year..

Dear Reader,

Most businesses these days seem to be completely and utterly confused about marketing. If you ask them what their ROI is from their marketing, they’ll most likely give you a blank look and mutter something about being creative and, “what do you mean by that?”

You see, your business may be about hair, food, auto’s, music, entertainment, hardware, specialty items, etc… but that’s not really the business you’re in.

You’re in the satisfying wants and desires business. Your product is just a means to that end.

And if you’ve been advised by the local ad agency and are now part of the simple “get your business name in lights” crowd, then you’re really missing the mark.

What you may have missed, and no one can blame you for it what with all the noise in the ad market, is that marketing is as simple as 1,2,3 and A,B,C.

You need a system.

But I would bet you a trailer full golden tickets you haven’t been shown anything like this but instead have been sold a “let’s make you a big beautiful logo and get you branded” crock of bull poo.

Here’s a list of 5 things you must be aware of when marketing your business. These things are not in any particular order of importance. They are all important together.

1. Big Dumb Ad Agencies. Avoid them like the plague unless you are Coca-Cola and have a multimillion dollar ad budget. They thrive on big themes and wasteful, untrackable ad campaigns that will never work for the small business entrepreneur. Your bank account will be long gone before you will see any results from something like this.

2. The High Cost of Throwing Mud Up Against the Wall To See What Will Stick. This is another bad idea. Mass marketing to whoever will pay attention is a sure sign of desperation and will only lead to bankruptcy.

Target marketing to your ideal customer and matching it with the correct media is the only accurate way to know if your money is being well spent. When you get this right, you’ll know exactly what to do next and who else wants what you’re selling.

3. No Accountability In The Advertising Medium. If you’re using a high priced ad agency or worse, letting some ad selling desk jockey advise you on your marketing, you’re probably throwing good money after bad. A well targeted and tracked ad campaign will tell you exactly, with precision accountability, what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll know how best to use your limited funds to get the biggest returns on your ads by systematizing your marketing.

4. Using the Right Media To Match The Market Is Crucial. With direct response marketing at your disposal, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently determine if your ads are getting results or not. No more full page ads in the local newspaper, with minimal words and big flashy pictures can match the results of a well planned target marketing campaign. Pictures can be remembered but what they represent will be gone as soon as the reader turns the page.

Which leads us to the best and biggest part of your ad, which is…

5. It’s The Headline of Your Ad That Brings Them In. A well crafted headline targeting your customers will stick in their mind. It’s the real key to getting their attention and bring them into your sales message. How many ad agencies do you think will spend any time on writing a headline that works just for you.


These five points are by no means all there is to producing wealth building marketing. They only scratch the surface of a finely created and dispersed marketing campaign.

Your business deserves the utmost attention when you want to make it successful.

If you haven’t found the right fit for your marketing yet, there’s still time to get it right by following these historic methods to sure profits.

You only need contact me, and we can craft a finely tuned lead generating, money making marketing machine to satisfy your sales needs.

Regards Until Tomorrow,