If Your Confused About Marketing Your Business, Then What You’re About To Read Could Be The Best Information You Get All Year..

Dear Reader,

Most businesses these days seem to be completely and utterly confused about marketing. If you ask them what their ROI is from their marketing, they’ll most likely give you a blank look and mutter something about being creative and, “what do you mean by that?”

You see, your business may be about hair, food, auto’s, music, entertainment, hardware, specialty items, etc… but that’s not really the business you’re in.

You’re in the satisfying wants and desires business. Your product is just a means to that end.

And if you’ve been advised by the local ad agency and are now part of the simple “get your business name in lights” crowd, then you’re really missing the mark.

What you may have missed, and no one can blame you for it what with all the noise in the ad market, is that marketing is as simple as 1,2,3 and A,B,C.

You need a system.

But I would bet you a trailer full golden tickets you haven’t been shown anything like this but instead have been sold a “let’s make you a big beautiful logo and get you branded” crock of bull poo.

Here’s a list of 5 things you must be aware of when marketing your business. These things are not in any particular order of importance. They are all important together.

1. Big Dumb Ad Agencies. Avoid them like the plague unless you are Coca-Cola and have a multimillion dollar ad budget. They thrive on big themes and wasteful, untrackable ad campaigns that will never work for the small business entrepreneur. Your bank account will be long gone before you will see any results from something like this.

2. The High Cost of Throwing Mud Up Against the Wall To See What Will Stick. This is another bad idea. Mass marketing to whoever will pay attention is a sure sign of desperation and will only lead to bankruptcy.

Target marketing to your ideal customer and matching it with the correct media is the only accurate way to know if your money is being well spent. When you get this right, you’ll know exactly what to do next and who else wants what you’re selling.

3. No Accountability In The Advertising Medium. If you’re using a high priced ad agency or worse, letting some ad selling desk jockey advise you on your marketing, you’re probably throwing good money after bad. A well targeted and tracked ad campaign will tell you exactly, with precision accountability, what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll know how best to use your limited funds to get the biggest returns on your ads by systematizing your marketing.

4. Using the Right Media To Match The Market Is Crucial. With direct response marketing at your disposal, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently determine if your ads are getting results or not. No more full page ads in the local newspaper, with minimal words and big flashy pictures can match the results of a well planned target marketing campaign. Pictures can be remembered but what they represent will be gone as soon as the reader turns the page.

Which leads us to the best and biggest part of your ad, which is…

5. It’s The Headline of Your Ad That Brings Them In. A well crafted headline targeting your customers will stick in their mind. It’s the real key to getting their attention and bring them into your sales message. How many ad agencies do you think will spend any time on writing a headline that works just for you.


These five points are by no means all there is to producing wealth building marketing. They only scratch the surface of a finely created and dispersed marketing campaign.

Your business deserves the utmost attention when you want to make it successful.

If you haven’t found the right fit for your marketing yet, there’s still time to get it right by following these historic methods to sure profits.

You only need contact me, and we can craft a finely tuned lead generating, money making marketing machine to satisfy your sales needs.

Regards Until Tomorrow,