How not to keep customers… And why it matters.

Dear Reader,

Recently, I made a large purchase from an online retailer of auto parts.

The purchase was in the several thousand dollar range. I’ve also made purchases from this company in the past that have added a few more thousand to their bottom line.

You’d think I’d learn by now that this company, who I will not name because it would just be free advertising for them, doesn’t really want my repeat business. They have never once offered me a further incentive to do business with them.

Now, I’m not asking for anything free. And I’m not complaining I didn’t get what I paid for.

If anything, the service was quick and efficient. I received my products and everything is OK.

But… and this is a big but for those of us who live by selling our services as copywriters and marketing consultants… there has never been any follow up from this company, on my purchases.

Why you need to keep contact with your customers.

Now that I’ve come to realize this particular company is not going to offer me anything in the way of an incentive for my past business, I’ll look elsewhere for my future purchases.

After all, this is a commoditized business. They don’t sell anything I can’t buy somewhere else. And if they don’t differentiate themselves from all the other also ran, I have no reason to stick with them.

You may be asking at about this time, “So, what do you expect them to do?”

And that is a very good question. Here’s my reply:

What they could have done to get more of my precious mullah is, immediately after the sale, offer me, or any one for that matter, a 10% discount coupon on the next single item purchase.

Is that a lot to ask? It’s standard operating procedure in the direct marketing world.

10% won’t break the bank and it shows good will to a customer who has obviously spent quite a sum of money, and therefor time, with them.

Do you make similar mistakes when marketing your business?

If you’re being short sighted as the company I’m talking about above is, then you may be leaving boat loads of money on the table.

This is not rocket science, after all.

But there is a certain level of science to the process. It’s the science of human nature and needing to feel appreciated.

If you can keep your customers interested by offering them continual small incentives to buy from you, you will be seen as “The One” business to do business with.

Next time you have a customer/client spend their hard earned money with you, remember that they could have gone somewhere else to do it and show them “some love.”